Video / Photo Update

We help protect your privacy. This has been called a LASER Jammer, a LIDAR Jammer, a LASER Shifter, a Speed Gun defeater, an IR Camera Blocker but we call it our Privacy-Plate.
Privacy-Plate protects you against having your license plate tracked by IR (InfraRed) cameras.  This includes cameras triggered by measuring your speed via LASER guns! It prevents LASER guns from recording your speed which triggers cameras to take a picture of your license plate.  No speed reading, no picture taken.  And, it helps block all IR cameras that are not triggered by speed readings by emitting IR light and upsetting the cameras ability to get a solid picture, protecting your privacy and stopping invasive tracking.
Privacy-Plate looks just like a normal license plate frame.  It does not cover the plate itself.  It mounts to your car just like any other frame, using the normal hole pattern.  It is made of tough acrylic plastic with embedded lens to focus the intense IR light sources that reside on a printed circuit board assembly within the frame itself.  And - The IR light is INVISIBLE to the naked eye.  All you see is nothing!
A microprocessor with custom electronics drive 45 LEDs with a jamming algorithm to cripple LASER speed measurements and emit enough IR radiation to help ​​mask your license plate from being tracked by IR cameras. Many IR cameras are triggered by your speed from a LASER gun.  If you jam the gun, you prevent them from taking your picture.  If it's just an IR Camera, it helps block the picture.  It jams LASER Speed Guns, Speed Cameras, etc., protecting you from illegal meta-data collection, racketeering and extortion under the guise of law.  ​ 

This is what Privacy-Plate looks like to the human eye. Just like any other license plate frame...
This is what it looks like to an IR Camera.

​IR is invisible to the human eye but IR cameras can "see" this energy and it just looks like a big ball of overexposed light, messing up their Image Recognition when trying to decipher a license plate.  
The first defense against these unConstitutional racketeering tools is to disrupt their LASER by ​emitting high powered pulses of IR at the same wavelength. The second line of defense is to spray IR light continuously across the plate to help overexpose it.
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